Alleged DUI Driver Causes Serious Injury in Buckhead


Yesterday we posted that Georgia is targeting drunk drivers over the holiday weekend. Despite that the Fourth of July holiday has not formally started, police allege a drunken driver caused a serious injury last night in Buckhead.

Police report that Jeremy Odom was arrested after the Maserati he was driving collided with a Toyota Corolla.  The crash happened on Pharr Road near its intersection with North Fulton Drive. The collision sent the vehicles careening across the road and into a parking lot where they came to rest near the patio of a restaurant, all while diners were enjoying their evening meal. Witnesses report that the Maserati was being driven at approximately 80 mph on this small, narrow stretch of road.

The collision resulted in serious injury to the front seat passenger of the Toyota Corolla.  Thomas McCracken reported that while walking his dog near the intersection, he heard the Maserati take off from the traffic light just as fast as it could go.  In addition to the injuries suffered by the passenger in the collision, which includes serious injury to both of her knees, the collision resulted in one of the vehicles striking a restaurant worker who suffered at least two broken ribs.

Police have charged Mr. Odom with Speeding and drunken driving.  Whether more charges are forthcoming will depend upon the outcome of the investigation.

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