I Was Hit by an SUV – What Do I Do Now?

I Was Hit by an SUV – What Do I Do Now

Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs, are popular cars for many drivers, including those who have large families or people who are interested in the vehicle’s off-roading capabilities. While they’re generally safe, SUVs are also known to cause more serious injuries if involved in accidents, as their larger mass increases damage to other cars and their drivers and passengers.

SUVs are also more prone to rollovers than other vehicles because of their high center of gravity. This means that if a driver loses control of their vehicle, their SUV is more likely to roll over onto its side or roof in an accident, often taking down other nearby vehicles. Rollovers often cause catastrophic injuries that can be challenging and expensive to recover from.

All of these factors illustrate the importance of first seeking medical attention immediately after being hit by an SUV. Because your injuries are more likely to be serious, you need to be diagnosed and treated before your conditions worsen. Common injuries after SUV accidents include broken bones, back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries like paralysis, and head and brain injuries.

What to Do After Receiving Medical Treatment

After you’ve been injured in an SUV accident, or any accident, for that matter, it’s crucial to collect as much evidence as possible in a timely manner. If you want to be able to recover damages successfully after filing a personal injury claim, you need to be able to prove that the driver who causes your injuries was negligent and their actions contributed to your injuries and other damages.

If you’re unable to collect evidence at the scene of your accident, a personal injury law firm can take care of this when you hire an attorney. Law firms have the resources and professional experience needed to thoroughly investigate accident sites and may be able to pick up pieces of information you didn’t know you needed.

Important evidence to collect after a motor vehicle accident includes:

  • Photos of injuries and property damage to all vehicles involved
  • The crash report, which responding authorities must file with their police department
  • Witness statements
  • Contact information and insurance information from other drivers involved
  • Medical records and bills

Important evidence from the scene of the accident can disappear over time, and witnesses are also less likely to give statements the more that time passes after the accident, which is why it’s important to act quickly on your case and call an attorney. When you call our firm after being injured, we can move quickly to hold the at-fault party responsible for your accident. While oftentimes a driver is responsible for damages, there are certain cases where a third party can be found responsible, like a manufacturer. Only a legal professional is able to establish liability and pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Handling Motor Vehicle Accidents Caused by Negligence

When you call Wood Craig Miller, LLC, you can trust that our car accident attorneys are here for you. With decades of experience achieving verdicts and settlements for clients, we are well-versed on the variety of factors that can lead to SUV accidents and know how to prove that your injuries were caused by negligence. Because SUV accidents often result in serious injuries, you may be facing mounting medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and other expenses that you can’t afford to pay out of pocket, and nor should you have to. We can recover these damages so you can heal without worrying about your finances. As a nationally recognized trial law firm, we can be counted on to achieve your legal goals during this painful time.

Injured in a car accident? Don’t hesitate to get started on your case by calling Wood Craig Miller, LLC at , or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We’re knowledgeable on federal and state traffic laws and have helped countless injured drivers and passengers in our community.


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