Flying Tire Causes Major Crash in Cobb County


An improperly maintained wheel is the likely culprit behind an Interstate 75 crash in Cobb County, GA.

It was reported that the wheel of a large trailer being pulled by a van northbound on I-75 came off of the trailer and careened across the Interstate causing vehicles to swerve about to avoid striking it.  One vehicle lost control and crashed into the median wall and according to news reports became a crumpled mess.  

Witnesses stated that the van continued northbound and ultimately exited the interstate onto GA 120 at exit 263.  Details indicate the trailer was unhitched from the van and left at a gas station on South Marietta Parkway. The van driver apparently contacted police the following day and admitted to seeing the crash, but denied knowledge that his tire caused it.  

Citations were issued to the van driver for reckless driving, improper operation of a vehicle, and for failing to have a proper tag on the trailer, however, the crash remains under investigation and additional charges could issue.

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