Trucking Accident

While car accidents are the most common and understood type of roadway accident, trucking accidents are a different—and often more catastrophic—incident altogether. Tractor-trailers are many times larger and weigh many times more than your typical passenger vehicle, which means they hold many more times the potential to inflict damage when driven negligently.

If you have been injured in a truck-related accident, Wood Craig & Avery can help you seek compensation for your injuries, as well as help you find your voice against the powerhouse insurance and transportation companies you will find yourself up against.

Our partners have significant expertise representing clients who have experienced a catastrophic truck-related accident, and routinely work with law enforcement, consulting physicians, accident reconstruction teams and rehabilitation experts to research and thoroughly prepare your case—which solicits better results than simply jumping to settlement.

Advocate for Settlement. Prepare for Trial.

At Wood Craig & Avery, we approach personal injury cases with due diligence, expert research, thorough investigation, and a trial-focused ideology that gets results and higher value settlements. Too often, personal injury attorneys are less than personal, with a cookie-cutter approach that pushes claimants to settle. We work for settlement but prepare for trial—all the while working for your best benefit and rights.