Serious Injury & Death

When a family member has been seriously injured or died as the result of negligence, accident or other tragedy, the last thing remaining loved ones want to do is gather evidence for trial. In the case of wrongful death or injury, however, we believe getting a fair settlement is paramount—and that takes work. It’s work that Wood Craig & Avery believes in wholeheartedly.  A thorough investigation and expert research combined with personal partner-led involvement produces results and higher settlements, and that is what you can expect from the lawyers at Wood Craig & Avery.

Help us understand your family’s tragedy and we will take up the fight for you or your loved one against insurers and corporations, giving those left behind the security of knowing someone prepared and powerful is on their side.

Advocate for Settlement. Prepare for Trial.

At Wood Craig & Avery, we approach personal injury cases with due diligence, expert research, thorough investigation, and a trial-focused ideology that produces results and higher value settlements. Too often, personal injury attorneys are less than personal, with a cookie-cutter approach that pushes clients to settle. We work toward settlement, but prepare for trial—all the while working toward your best results!