June 29, 2016 – in Car Accidents, Personal Injury Law

Georgia is second highest in car accident cost increases

Auto accidents are never cheap, especially if you are at fault. But costs are going up. If you live in Georgia and saw your car insurance rates increase, this may be the reason.

Car Accident in Atlanta, GeorgiaAs more and more people start driving and as the number of cars on the road increases, car accidents and injuries also increase, and so does the cost of services associated with them. The cost of medical services, mechanics and automobile parts are all going up, which affects the cost of car insurance as well.

Over the past ten years, on average, injury costs of a car accident have increased by 42 percent, and the cost of a collision has increased by 17 percent. But these are the national averages, and in some states, it’s much more expensive.1

Here are ten states where auto accident costs have greatly increased, giving motorists even greater reason to keep their eyes on the road.

#10 – Rhode Island

It may be a small state, but the cost of a car crash is fairly large. The state saw car crash costs increase by 6.5% from 2015 to 2016.

#9 – Colorado

Accident costs rose by 7.2% here. Some place the blame for the increase in traffic accidents on the legalization of marijuana, with more drivers getting behind the wheel while impaired.

#8 & #7 – Maryland & South Carolina

These two states tied for a spot on the list with traffic accident costs increasing an average of 7.4% in both states.

#6 – Mississippi

The cost of accidents here increased by 7.8%.

#5 – Nevada

With an average increase in 8%, Nevada entered the top 5 states where a car crash will cost you a lot more now than it did last year.

#4 – Massachusetts

This small state edged out Nevada with an 8.1% cost increase.

#3 – Florida

The Sunshine State saw accident costs increase by 8.5%.

#2 – Georgia

Yes, our home state ranks second on the list. The cost of an auto crash here jumped 9.5% over last year, a substantial increase. If you live in an urban area such as Atlanta, the costs for car repair and car insurance will be even higher still.

#1 – Washington, D.C.

While not actually a state, our nation’s capital tops this list with vehicle accident costs rising 12.2% between 2015 and 2016. That’s almost 3 full percentage points above Georgia’s increase.