My experience with Mr. Craig was wonderful. I called after being in an accident and he was very helpful in guiding me through each process and was there every step of the way. I never had to call or ask questions, he was on top of everything, which seemed to me his intrest was mostly in how I was recovering for my accident. I have already recommended this lawyer to 2 other people.

Randi H.

I got in a wreck and was referred by a friend to Brian Craig. I tried dealing with the insurance company myself and was getting nothing. He settled the case and made sure I was compensated for what i went through was able to get my medical bills down. Brian seemed to genuinely care about my well being and i would recommend him to anyone.

Ann S.

Mr. Wood is highly dedicated, efficient and personable young man. He was a real help to me at a time when I didn't know where to turn. I hate to think what would have happened if my friend hadn't sent me to him.

Anonymous Client

I first came across Harlan, believe it or not, through the yellow pages. i always had bad luck with lawyers in the YP, but I needed one desperately because of complicated DUI case. Unlike past lawyers, Harlan knew how to not just to handle the case, but to handle me. I was in a bad place emotionally because of alcohol abuse, but through his guidance, I was able to get to a rehab program that lasted 14 months that made all the difference and kept me out of jail. My experience with Harlan is that he goes against type with regard to all we hear about lawyers. He actually takes or returns your calls, he actually will listen, and many times tells you what his plan is. The point here is that it reduces the amount of stress that one deals with in criminal charges and proceedings.

Anonymous Client

Harlan has seen me through some rough times...most lawyers take your money and run, and give you mediocre service and many times just not prepared at court date. Not so with Harlan., He is prepared, professional and he is taking your side. Harlan knows the mind of the prosecutor- he worked as a prosecutor in Cherokee County before coming into criminal defense. He is the kind of lawyer you want and need in the courtroom. That said, it will always help that if you, as the defendant or one charged with crimes, are diligent in your responsibilities. You as the defendant must also be proactive. No lawyer is a magician. But Harlan works magic when a defendant is his partner, is proactive and doing the right thin while out on bail or probation. Harlan has helped me in DUI's probation violations and driving while suspended.

Anonymous Client

Blair took over my case from another law firm after the insurance company refused to make a fair offer. Blair was able to get me fair money and kept me informed about the process every step of the way. He was awesome.

Wanda B.